Beliefs and Values

Theology and Doctrine

Doctrinal Statement

Quest for Souls is a classic Pentecostal ministry that believes in the 16 Fundamental truths laid out in Saint Louis, Missouri in 1916 by the Assemblies of God.

End Time Revival

Some within the Pentecostal movement hold to a “doom and gloom” view of the End times. Quest for Souls believes the greatest revival in history is ahead of us, not behind.

why us.

What Makes us Different?

Holy Spirit FIRE!

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not required for salvation but it is provided for all believers. Every person who is born again should be baptized in the Spirit like in Acts 2.

Praying in tongues.

The biblical "proof" of having the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is "praying in tongues." It is the initial physical evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit for service and impact.

Healing the sick.

Divine Healing is integral to the gospel. The same blood that saves the man heals the man in the body. We reject that death is the "ultimate healing." Healing is for today.

Casting out devils.

Jesus told us to cast out devils in His name. The demon possessed do not need more therapy. They need the demon cast out of them.

End Time Harvest.

Every eye will see the power of God. Every ear will hear the gospel.
Every tongue will testify of the glory.
Not everyone will recieve Jesus.

Speeding the rapture.

Jesus said that the Spirit would be poured out on all flesh then He would come to catch us home prior to Tribulation. It is harvest time.

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