Bringing home
to the homeless

The Lord's heart is for the broken, the downcast, the forgetten.

Pneuma Now

The greatest revival we have ever seen is coming and it is starting to happen in our crusades globally.
Why is Quest for Souls different?

What is our core values?

The ministry is passionate Pentecostal! 


In a time that many are trying to hide Pentecost, it is something that is fundamental. A fire can't be hidden, it will burn through!


Being Pentecostal is being missional. The church was started with a harvest festival. (Acts 2) Raising up national churches is fundamental.


2 Corithians 1:3-4 tells us as we have recieved compassion, we are to give it to others in need of it themselves. Everyone needs it.


The central drive of every biblical ministry must be a quest for souls. At the core of all things is the passion for the lost soul of mankind.

The Mission

To testify of God's power to the nations.

Until all has seen the power of God. Until all has heard the gospel. Until all have testified of the glory.

Jesus made it clear the gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 24:14) will be preached all people with miracles, signs and wonders confirming the message before the rapture of the Church.

Peter Vandever


Theological value

Baptized by Fire for set the world ablaze.

The Holy Spirit was poured out in Acts 2 for the purpose of the harvest. Pentecost was a harvest festival and by design, those filled with the Spirit are evangelistic in nature. 

How effective is crusade evangelism?

Conducting gospel festivals is the most efffective form of evangelism that we have for the ending of the Great Commission.
The Missional Process

How to reach the the lost man, woman or child?
The Kingdom is not of talk but power.

Prophetic Words


We believe in relational government.

Quest for Souls is governed by the apostolic model left to us in the Book of Acts. There is a group of servants types that “wait on tables” that all walk in mantles mentioned in Ephesians 4. We have a Board of Directors. 

Taking the gospel to the Islands

Join QFS in Fiji!

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